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About us

Our Story

Hi, my name is Logan and I’m the founder of Cat Digital. My goal is to help veterinarians grow their practice using the power of search and social media marketing.

How did I get here? 

I started working in the veterinary field as a technician in 2010. I eventually worked my way to a manager position for a team of 6 DVMs, 12 CVTs and 10 veterinary assistants. That team completed thousands (and thousands) of surgeries and exams every year. 

But eventually, I wanted a change of pace and began studying digital marketing. 

Over the years, I’ve worked on every aspect of PPC (from Youtube Ads, Search Ads to Social Media Marketing). I’ve ranked dozen of websites for hundreds of search terms. I’ve built hundreds of high converting websites and landing pages. 

But Cat Digital isn’t focused on being good at everything. 

We’re focused on being great at a few things and that’s PPC for veterinary practices. 

My unique background means that we really understand your business and what matters.